Utilizero: Helping water utilities in the race towards zero

Welcome to Utilizero, a collaborative partnership between DHI, a leading advisory company specialising in sustainable development of global water resources, and Aarhus Vand, Denmark’s foremost water utility renowned for its innovative approach to tackling water challenges. At Utilizero, we’re dedicated to supporting wastewater utilities worldwide in their journey towards adopting climate-neutral solutions, including automated water treatment  processes. Through advanced process management and operational optimisation, we empower utilities to slash energy consumption by up to 30% while curbing emissions of greenhouse gases and chemicals


Harnessing innovative solutions from Denmark and capitalising on the expertise of prominent Danish water utilities, we demonstrate the transformative potential of heightened automation and digitalisation within the industry, particularly in mitigating its climate impact. Our bespoke services empower global water utilities to realise significant reductions in energy consumption and carbon emissions, achieving reductions of 20-30%, while concurrently adhering to stringent effluent standards and reducing operational expenditures. The adoption of our solutions consistently delivers compelling business propositions, with return on investment (ROI) periods as brief as 6-24 months, offering a compelling alternative to capital-intensive infrastructure investments.

Want to know your optimization potential?

Use our Energy Savings Calculator to determine your wastewater treatment plant’s potential for energy savings and carbon reduction.

Key benefits of partnering with Utilizero include:

Cost and Carbon Reduction

Achieve savings of 15-30% in operational costs, energy consumption, and carbon footprint, with rapid ROI typically within 6-24 months.

Capacity Optimisation

Increase plant capacity and defer, minimise, or eliminate the need for major infrastructure investments.

Water Sector Sustainability

Embrace digitalisation to its fullest potential, including:

  • Data Acquisition and Mobilisation: Harness internal and external data for enhanced access, reporting, and decision-making.
  • Digital Twins for Workforce Enhancement: Empower workforce development through immersive training and scenario platforms tailored for plant operators and process engineers.
  • Digital Twins for Operational Excellence: Utilise digital twins to drive operational decision-making, process optimisation, and automation, targeting multiple performance objectives such as minimising operational expenditures, carbon footprint, and maximising effluent quality.

At Utilizero, we’re dedicated to propelling the water sector towards a sustainable and efficient future. Join us in embracing the power of digitalisation to transform your wastewater operations and contribute to a healthier planet.


At Utilizero, we leverage cutting-edge DHI technology, particularly TwinPlant, to revolutionise the optimisation of water resource recovery facility operations. TwinPlant stands out as a rare gem in the market, offering a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates data-driven approaches and mechanistic modelling. All of this is packaged within a configurable, user-friendly digital twin environment, making it easier than ever to achieve optimal performance and efficiency in water management.


Cost-efficient capacity expansion of Viby wastewater treatment plant
Using the power of advanced control to minimise investment in new infrastructure
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A digital twin to support Bresso-Niguarda WWTP operations
Combining automated data processing, process modelling and real-time control to optimise wastewater treatment plant efficiency
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Achieving 50% carbon footprint reduction by 2025
Explore how a water resource recovery facility plans to reduce emissions based on technology assessment and model simulations
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About DHI A/S

DHI A/S is a global digital advisory company headquartered in Denmark. DHI A/S was founded in 1964 and has more than 1,000 employees worldwide. Our ambition is to enable the sustainable development of the world’s water resources through digital advisory services for decision-makers in the water industry.


About Aarhus Vand A/S

Aarhus Vand A/S is an internationally leading water utility providing innovative and digital solutions where water creates sustainable growth and change for billions of people. The company’s purpose is therefore to create health through clean water – for people and for the planet.

The company produces 15 milion cubic metres of drinking water annually for local consumers and cleanses 30 million cubic metres of wastewater. One of the main tasks of Aarhus Vand is furthermore to prepare the Danish city of Aarhus and the rest of the municipality for rising water levels caused by climate change and to protect the groundwater from environmentally harmful substances.

Aarhus Vand was founded 150 years ago and employs 230 employees and has an annual net turnover of DKK 640 million.



Managing Director
Henrik Refstrup Sørensen


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